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A  Q U E S T I O N  A N D  A N  A N N I V E R S A R Y

Today I will speak briefly on two different topics: the first topic is a question that has concerned me for the last couple of months, the second one is an upcoming anniversary.

T H E  Q U E S T I O N

The question is: why is the refugee wave being unleashed on Europe RIGHT NOW? I addressed this question to several important geopoliticians, both foreigners and fellow countrymen.

Of course we are all aware of the general  plan to destroy the nations and of all types collective identities. This plan has been labelled “The Kalergi Plan” when it comes to Europe, but we can trace its roots further, I would call it “The Babel Project”, taking into account its ancient nature and its universalist character.

The important question for me is not why, but WHY NOW?

I do not fully understand why the globalist forces that stand behind this attempt have set the wheels in motion now, before eliminating their geopolitical competitors such as China and Russia? What does this mean?

Why provoke social chaos and weaken the regions you control, before eliminating the competitors? What is the objective? Especially since this is contrary to the traditional anglo-saxon policy towards Russia which pursued the strengthening of continental opponents and unleashing them on the enemy.

Answer No. 1

The first answer that I received was: „There will be war. It is a strategy of creating chaos. We do not have enough strength to stop the coming events, our only hope is to manage to direct the evolution in our advantage. We need to prepare.”

But this kind of answer, addresses only the inevitability of the coming events and needs further explanation. What kind of war? A civil war will break out in Europe, maybe in France or Germany? If so, how will competitors be affected? It also does not answer the question of timing: Why now?

Answer No. 2

It is a strategy that anglo-saxon powers have used before. For instance between the First and the Second World Wars, Germany was first weakened, then militaristic forces were brought to power.

I do not know what to make of this explanation since I considered that the former European powers lack everything: stamina, military development or political elites in order to become a danger to anyone.

In the absence of a clear answer to the question on timing I tried to come up with some speculations of my own:

  1. I consider the timing of actions as important as the actions themselves
  2. Coming back to Mr. Hervé Juvin’s observation regarding Alstom’s takeover by General Electric and the transfer of control over the French nuclear industry and nuclear submarines to the Americans, I notice a similar trend namely, the liquidation of the autonomy previously  enjoyed by vassals.  This autonomy is being replaced by a strategy of total control by the centre  The massive move of migrants may mean the termination of autonomy at social level, or at least it is a mean in order to obtain that goal.
  3. The weakening of areas controlled by the empire could mean that they are confident that they posses a winning strategy for competitors, especially Russia. Beware of this!
  4. In an optimistic scenario it might mean an expectation by the globalists to be betrayed by their allies/vassals. In this case the invasion of Europe would become a scorched earth policy.
  5. Finally it might mean that the global forces are under a time pressure. But time pressure from what? I do not think this is necessary a physical pressure of the economical collapse -type. It might be something of a completely different nature.

T H E  A N N I V E R S A R Y

In the second part of my brief speech I would like to address two coming anniversaries  First of all, in a few days we will have the 100 years anniversary of the birth of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who was perhaps the last real president of the United States.

The second anniversary, which is coming June 8th, is the 50 years anniversary of the USS Liberty incident. I will not go into the details of the story, since I am honoured to be speaking in front of a very educated public. My intention is to relate this incident with two important topics addressed by the present meeting:  first our position towards America and Americans and second, the geopolitics of the Syrian war.

As it was clearly uncovered in books such as „Operation Cyanide” by BBC’s journalist Peter Hounam, or “What I saw that day”, by surviver of the attack Philip Tourney, the attack on USS Liberty was a deliberate false flag attack, a collusion between governments and intelligence agencies in order to justify an attack on Egypt and a larger American intervention in the whole Middle East.

As we know, the Liberty, an unarmed ship of the NSA, was sent without escort in the international waters in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. It was bombed in successive aerial raids by the Israeli air force, machine-gunned, napalmed  from the air and torpedoed from speed boats. These are all established, uncontested facts, even though the official version attributes the attack to human error and mistaken identity.

Less known is that a third attacker, the American submarine USS Amberjack, was waiting to deliver the coup de grace in the unlikely event that the boat survived the attack. However, the submarine could not finish the job, and the unofficial version of the events attributes the deterrence, at least in part, to the presence of the Soviet Destroyer D626/4 that guarded the wounded Liberty until help arrived.

Following thorough research and interviews Peter Hounam also affirms that US planes, armed with nuclear weapons took off, as a retaliation to what was portrayed as an Egyptian attack on an American ship. They were turned away, when they were two minutes away from their target, Western Cairo.

It is highly possible that the world was spared a nuclear war that day. Miraculously, even  tough it had been severely wounded, USS Liberty did not sink. More than that, while its communication equipment had been targeted from the very beginning of the attack, the ship managed to contact the 6th Fleet. The attack on Cairo was canceled. It is unclear, what made the Americans change their minds two minutes away from total war. It was a delay of plans nevertheless, as the US intervention in the Middle East happened anyway, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, under the cover of the Gulf War and later, after September 11th .

Why is it important to remember the events from 50 years ago, and especially in the context of this conference?

-First, because we have to keep in mind that the American people, just like the sailors of USS Liberty, just like us, are victims of the global elites themselves.

-Second, because the model of false flags was used in the past and most likely will be used again in the future.

-Third, it is important to remember, that, before a false flag, tests are usually undertaken. In the case of the USS Liberty false flag, the Soviet reaction was tested a few days in advance, on June 3rd 1967, in Cam Pha Harbour in NorthVietnam, where the Soviet freighter ship, the Turkestan was “accidentally” targeted by two American jets. It is important to recognise this testing pattern  and have an appropriate answer strategy in place.

-Finally, in order to prevent such events from happening, the capacity to project a powerful similar reaction is of outmost importance.

Thank you!

Bogdan Herzog

Chisinau 26-27 May 2017



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