The dybbuk theory, Newsweek and Victoria’s Secret

What could be the connection between me, Newsweek and Victoria’s Secret? No, there’s no need to gloat, I don’t wear lingerie when I go out like J. Edgar Hoover, and Newsweek wouldn’t bother with that either. I’d say things are even more interesting.

Trying to verify some new information, I came across an article from the American edition (!!!) of Newsweek that tried to verify and debunk the dybbuk theory launched by me. Except, you see, neither my name nor the article I wrote in 2020 was quoted in Newsweek, but two anonymous messages on Twitter. I’ll explain why they preferred to elude my work . Finally, in the article, a reporter from Newsweek, named Jacob Jarvis, intrigued by a message in which it is said that „read backwards, COVID becomes DIVOC, which in Hebrew would mean demonic possession” sets out to contact three Hebrew and Yidisg university professors from prestigious institutions such as the University College in London and Oxford University. What do the three professors tell him? Exactly what I explained quite thoroughly in the article he doesn’t cite. That DIVOC in Hebrew is spelled as דיבוק,just like the dybbuk – which is a demonic creature in Jewish folklore. Why does Mr. Jarvis prefer to cite two anonymous tweets and not an article that had several hundred thousand views and had been translated into over seven languages? Well, precisely for that reason, so that he can quote incompletely and inaccurately and reach the already prepared conclusion. All the information that Jarvis „learns” by talking to the Hebrew professors in Oxford and London was already presented in my article, which quoted the much more prestigious Gershom Sholem and Yoram Billu. But it’s easier to fight an anonymous tweet than an article with such references. Plus, my significantly longer article also explains why anyone would lend themselves to such puns and cites some historical precedents, most recently – the first cloned animal, Dolly the sheep/ Ylud/ ילוד .

The conclusion reached by Newsweek is really necessary for official propaganda because, you see, if in February 2020 the World Health Organization had a cryptic terminology, with esoteric nuances, already prepared for the disease, certain conclusions regarding plandemic preparation are required. 

And now back to Victoria’s Secret. The information I was looking to verify was this: Leslie Wexner, billionaire and patron of Victoria’s Secret and numerous other fashion brands, PLUS the man who invented and oversaw JEFFREY EPSTEIN (!!!!) with his political blackmail networks based on sex and pedophilia, stated in a 1985 interview that he, Wexner, is demonically possessed by a dybbuk, who tells him what to do, pushes him to various actions, converses with him, and appears at various times in his life . Or, Wexner is a major name in the community, and if only for the fact that he founded the MEGA GROUP, the association of the most important Jewish donors.

What conclusion do we reach from the lines above, what are we left with? I would say let’s stick with the following conclusions:

One – that the official press, through Newsweek, considered the dybbuk theory important enough to attempt to attack it by contacting no fewer than three university professors, from Oxford and London, for this purpose. They only confirmed the information I presented in the original article.

Two – that possession by a dybbuk – is not an old, medieval „Prague cemeteries” thing, but a leitmotif that preoccupies the pseudo-pedophile elites of our world, the people behind Epstein and the politicians, the people with all the hard money, those who appear in films like Kubrik’s Eyes Wide Shut, another man who knew what he was talking about. And he talked too much. 

PS I am attaching links to the Newsweek article

an excerpt from the book „One country under blackmail” by Whitney Webb about the all-important role of Leslie Wexner and his possession by a „dybbuk”

Finally, my original article on COVID/ dybbuk:

And the second one, about the use of codewords and Hebrew in the alchemical tradition:

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