Who made „DOLLY”, the sheep, also made „COVID”, the disease?


    In an article[1] written a year ago I argued that read in Hebrew Covid’s name becomes Dybbuk, and its true meaning is demonic possession by an evil spirit. It is basically the same algorithm that I identified in “Dolly”, the first cloned animal, which in Hebrew becomes Ylud – translating as newborn.  In the same article I tried to explain why hidden forces would be interested in picking such code names and certain dates and drew attention to earlier historically significant events who follow the same synchronistic pattern. Although at the time I was already aware of some information you will encounter in this article, I preferred not to disclose it at that time. The article, initially published in the English language by the Geopolitica website, became popular in alternative media and was subsequently translated in several languages by people that I do not know personally and to whom I would like express my gratitude, before pursuing the present thesis.

As the theoretical basis was already explained in the above-mentioned paper entitled On the Occult meaning of the word COVID and in my book Synchronicity and Symbolism[2], the present article will be centered on presenting new information to the public. The reader will be the judge if the information presented below is the product of random or of deliberate action. The synchronicities will be numbered. So, let’s start!

The Names

As stated before, when written in Hebrew, Dolly becomes Ylod/ ילוד which translates as infant or newborn, and COVID becomes DIVOC transcribed as דיבוק or dybbuk According to the eminent Israeli scholar Yoram Bilu, in Jewish folklore a dybbuk is an evil spirit who takes possession of a human: 

“The term dybbuk (dibbuq) was used in Jewish mystical circles to designate a spirit of a dead person, a notorious sinner in his lifetime, that took temporary possession of a human being (…) dybbuk possession was always conceived as an affliction or an illness and the possessing agent a foreign, dangerous intruder that had to be expelled.”[3]

Dybbuk also translates as obsession. More important than the fact that Dolly and Covid actually have a certain significance in another language, Hebrew, which could be accidental, it is the fact that the meaning of the words is extremely fitting to the events they describe. What is more probable, the official story that the first cloned animal was named after Dolly Parton, or that it actually means “infant” or” newborn”? Does obsession/ possession accurately describe the psychological (and dare I say spiritual) effect that the pandemic has had on the world?  Therefore, we are not describing mere coincidences These are coincidences with a meaning. (1) and (2).

The Tradition

(3) In my studies of Carl Jung, I encountered the following passage, in which the Swiss scholar describes the alchemical tradition of medical terminology and code-names, as applied to Paracelsus: 

“Generally certain symptoms appear, among them a peculiar use of language: one wants to speak forcefully in order to impress one’s opponent, so one employs a special, „bombastic” style full of neologisms which might be described as „power-words”.  This symptom is observable not only in the psychiatric clinic but also among certain modern philosophers, and, above all, whenever anything un-worthy of belief has to be insisted on in the teeth of inner resistance: the language swells up, overreaches itself, sprouts grotesque words distinguished only by their needless complexity. The word is charged with the task of achieving what cannot be done by honest means. It is the old word magic, and sometimes it can degenerate into a regular disease. Paracelsus was afflicted with this malady to such a degree that even his closest pupils were obliged to compile „onomastica” (word-lists) and to publish commentaries. The unwary reader continually stumbles over these neologisms and is completely baffled at first, for Paracelsus never bothered to give any explanations even when, as often happens, the word was a hapax legomenon (one that occurs only once). Often it is only by comparing a number of passages that one can approximately make out the sense. There are, however, mitigating circumstances: doctors have always loved using magically incomprehensible jargon for even the most ordinary things. It is part of the medical persona. But it is odd indeed that Paracelsus, who prided himself on teaching and writing in German, should have been the very one to concoct the most intricate neologisms out of Latin, Greek, Italian, Hebrew or even Arabic.

Magic is insidious, and therein lies its danger. At one point, where Paracelsus is discussing witchcraft, he actually falls into using a magical witch-language without giving the least explanation. (…)

In magical rites the inversion of letters serves the diabolical purpose of turning the divine order into an infernal disorder. It is remarkable how casually and unthinkingly Paracelsus takes over these magically distorted words and simply leaves the reader to make what he can of them. (…) He was convinced that physicians should have an understanding of the magic arts and should not eschew sorcery if this might help their patients. But this kind of folk magic is not Christian, it is demonstrably pagan—in a word, a „Pagoyum.”[4]

(4) At this point let me at quote a passage from another eminent scholar, rabbi Joshua Trachtenberg, who in his book on the use of magic and Jewish folklore writes the following on the use of code-names for the purpose of invocations: 

„A familiar characteristic of magic is the injunction to do things in reverse, to walk backward, to put one’s clothing on backward, to throw things behind one’s back. The same principle applies in incantations, and Talmudic and medieval Jewish charms amply illustrate its operation. Biblical quotations were often recited both forward and backward, mystical names were reversed; sometimes the words were actually written backward as they were to be uttered, so that it requires considerable mental agility not to be taken in by the unnatural rendering. Phrases that are capable of being read alike in either direction were especially highly prized. The purpose was to capitalize the mystery of the bizarre and unfamiliar, and the power that is associated with the ability to reverse the natural order of things.”[5]

The Place

(5) As I already specified in my book and article, the first information that turned my attention to “DOLLY” was the fact that the first animal artificially “made” by man, was the product of the Roslin Institute, located in the minuscule Scottish village with the same name (also spelled Rosslyn) home to the world-famous Rosslyn Chapel. Basically, the Institute was established precisely for this event in a place with acknowledged freemasonic and hermetic significance. 

The Numbers

(6) DOLLY was announced[6] on 22 of February, 1997 – 22.2.1997 (222)

(7) COVID was announced[7] 11 of February 2020 – 11.02.2020 (222)

(8) The Jewish gematria value[8] of דיבוק (Dybbuk) is 122. The 19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Kuf[9] (ק) has a gematria value of 100. Consequently, COVID 19 ( דיבוק 19) has a gematria value of (222).

(9) What is the slogan chosen for the Great Reset? Build Back Better, also branded worldwide as “BBB”, with the numeric value of 222, of course.

Are these sequences of three twos the product of random? What are the odds? Can they be interpreted in a certain way? Is this a kind of invocation, the type Trachtenberg wrote about, and if so, an invocation of what? What does three times 222 mean? Let the reader be the judge of that. 

(10) Also, keep in mind, what is next year’s number? Why is this relevant?

Who is doing it?

Well, one could argue either that all the above are the products of random, or that they might be a benign play of words by medical specialists continuing in the tradition of Paracelsus’ medical jargon, cryptic for the public, meaningful to the initiate. But what could be benign in the case of Dolly, looks really horrendous in the case of a malady that killed many people and forced a global lockdown.

Maybe I wouldn’t have written this article, but in recent weeks a shift happened in the messages allowed to be sent to the public. The Wuhan laboratory leak, from being labeled as a conspiracy theory and consequently banned by social media, has suddenly become acceptable in public discourse. The implications are geopolitical: China is to be blamed either for negligence or, much worse, for deliberate malintent. To counter this, journalists in alternative media, such as Ron Unz, have pointed out to the military games that have taken place in Wuhan in the Fall of 2019, and the possibility of the virus being spread in that location by military personnel coming from foreign countries. Well, who knows, but let us go on our own way… 

Now, being aware of the information provided above, let me ask the reader: do you see a pattern? Can a certain pattern, a signature if you will, be identified in these synchronicities (1) to (10)? If so, is the Chinese Communist Party able to establish an institute in the United Kingdom and give an alchemical meaningful name to Dolly? Can the American military do that? Can either the CCP or the US military, brand DOLLY, COVID and BBB and pick the dates for the public announcement of both Roslin Institute and the World Health Organization? Can a fringe Ashkenazi sect keen on preserving its folklore do these things? Do they organize the summit at Davos and promote the concept of the Great Reset under the BBB slogan? If the answer is no, who can? Is there an international organization with chapters in different countries of the world, drawing on the hermetic and alchemical tradition? Is there a possible link between Roslin, Covid, and Davos? 

As things always happen with for a reason, recently I stepped on a valuable piece of information that almost seems surreal. In January 2019, about ten months before the start of the pandemic, British scientists went to Davos Switzerland to announce in front of the world leaders the successful development of mRNA vaccines capable of fighting the flu and the future outbreak of mysterious pathogens such as Disease X!  I know, I had to rub my eyes too, but it is 100% accurate. Not only that, but these vaccines were developed with… the cooperation of the Roslin Institute, because, you know, Roslin specializes in animal research and diseases such as bird flu. Let me quote from the official site of the Imperial College in London, where an article dated January 24th 2019 states the following:

„Professor Robin Shattock, Head of Mucosal Infection and Immunity within the Department of Medicine, is working on the manufacturing of RNA vaccines to create quicker and more accessible responsiveness to outbreaks of known pathogens – such as flu, and unknown pathogens, called Disease X.


Synthetic RNA vaccines – which harness the body’s own cell machinery to make an antigen rather than injecting the antigen directly – take only weeks to produce and may offer the easiest route for global product consistency.

Professor Shattock said: “In a pandemic situation, for every month delay, there is a potential for five million fatalities, that’s equivalent of losing a city the size of Rome or Singapore every month. We need to completely reimagine the way vaccines are being produced and approved.” (…)

Working with the Roslin Institute, Professor Barclay is using CRISPR technology – a way to precisely alter the genome of a species to introduce beneficial new traits – to develop chickens that are totally resistant to infection by influenza virus.”[10]

Now please tell me that this also a coincidence! 

What am I saying here? Am I implying that the British scientists at Roslin or Imperial are somehow connected with the pandemic? Not necessarily. However, what I am affirming, is that there is a strong resemblance between the two events and that there is a strong likelihood that they share the same center of command. I am considering that forces at the very top of an international organization when informed that the cloning technology was functional, have decided to clone a sheep and announce the event in a place with highly symbolic significance. They left their signature in name and number. The same signature was later identified in COVID. It is possible that, for reasons known to themselves, the people in the same center of command, have later ordered the development of medical treatment for a future pandemic which they initially named Disease X. When informed that a certain medical procedure which includes mass vaccinations with mRNA was developed, they made the information public at Davos. Ten months later Disease X appeared in China and was named COVID following the Dolly algorithm.  

The place, the name, the number, all have the appearance of ritual work. I do not know about you, but I would like the police, or some kind of authority to investigate these coincidences and these people. Except that, in some cases, these people might be the police. Just as an example, Earl Rosslyn, who owns the Rosslyn Chapel, was the head of Scotland Yard (Metropolitan Police) and presently serves as the Master of Household to the heir of the British Crown, the Prince of Wales[11]

We need to fight back. And pray.

© Bogdan Herzog, Timișoara, June 3rd  2021

PS For people interested in the role played by the hermetic tradition in the establishment of The Royal Society, “the oldest national scientific institution in the world”, deeply interconnected with both Roslin and Imperial, advisor of the UK government, the European Commission, the G7/ G8 meetings and the United Nations and its agencies[12], I strongly recommend the works of Dame Frances Yates especially The Rosicrucian Enlightenment[13].

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